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What we Grow

We grow around 50 types of vegetables, and over 200 varieties which we carefully select for flavour, diversity and suitability to our land and ecology.


We are always experimenting with new varieties and working out how to produce the most delicious crops we can.


We grow the seedlings that we plant in our fields in our dedicated propagation polytunnel from Organic seed that we source from a range of companies including Tamar Organics, Real Seeds, Smarties Bio, Moles seeds, Just Seed, Vital Seeds and the Seed Cooperative as well as seeds we save on farm or swap with other farmers and growers.

Mixed Salads, Lettuces and Leaves

We grow over 50 varieties of leaves throughout the season. We offer mixed salads and single leaf made up of many varities of leaf lettuces, hearting lettuce heads, single leaves, salad brassicas, herbs, chicories and endives.


Lettuces: cerbiatta, cocarde, tuska, suzan, really red deer tounge, rebel army, little gem, xandu, valamaine, rozy,  dixter, amaze, navarra, gilaad red romaine, fristina, oaking, sadawi, celinet, rosala, aerostar,  corn salad (elan, vit), winter brighton, telex, barlach, expertise.

Salad brassicas: rocket (rucola, esme and wild), purple frills, green frills, giant mustard, tatsoi, tatsai, taisai, watercress, american land cress, sprint cress, osaka purple, purple wave, red mizna, green mizuna, mibuna, ruby streaksm, green in snow.

Mixed salad herbs: shungiku, buckshorn plantain, korean mint, salad burnet, chervil, magenta orach, red orach, amaranth, soral.

Chicories: variegata di chioggia, variegata di luisa, rosa di virono, rossa de trevisso, castel de franci, palla rossa, puntarelle, rosa di italiana, gigante di chioggia.

Endives: calafine, pancalieri, wallone, romanesca da taglio, escariol green, tres fine maraichere.

Agretti: angus.

Herbs &


Herbs: basil, bronze fennel, green fennel, italian giant flat leaf parsley, champion moss curled leaf parsley, dill, chives, coriander, spearmint, peppermint, apple mint, lemon balm.

Edible flowers: cornflower, calendula, nasturitum,

Ornamental flowers:

Polytunnel Crops

Tomatoes: gardeners delight, gardeners ecstasy, sakura, brandywine, benerrose, oxheart, green zebra, goldiana, yellow submarine, black cherry, sungold.

Chillies: barak, habanero maya, ring of fire, hungarian hot wax.

Peppers: sweet nardello.

Aubergines: long purple.

Cucumbers: marketmore, passandra.

Squash &


Courgettes: gold rush, cocozelle, nero de milano, zuboda.

Summer squash: patty pans, trombocinno.

Winter squash: uchiki kuri, black futsu, green hockaido, sweet dumpling, turks turban, butternut, buttercup, acorn, spaghetti squash, crown prince, marina di chiggoia.

Alliums, fennel & celery

Leeks: tadorna, avarno (blue green winter), axima, atlanta, axima.

Shallots:  zebrune.

Spring onions: long red florence, ishikura, white lisbon

Main crop onions: robelja (red), sturon (yellow), giant stuttgart (yellow), musona (white),

Garlic: wet, scapes and dried.

Celery: tall utah.

Fennel: fino.

Peas, Beans &


Beans: cobra, trail of tears, borlotti.

Peas: mange tous.

Sweetcorn: true gold, golden bantam.

Leafy Greens & Brassicas

Chard: swiss, rainbow, rhubarb

Spinach: perpetual, true

Kale: cavallo nero, red russian, jagallo nero, purple curly, green curly.

Spring cabbage: hisbi (chateaurenard), chinese (granat).

Winter cabbage: savoy (winter vertus), january king (violaceo di verona), red (maner lagerrot), white (dowinda), mizuna, mibuna, purple wave, green in snow.

Cauliflower: snowball.

Broccoli: cimi di rapa, rudolph (purple sprouting),

Calabrese: romanesco, green sprouting.

Brussel spouts: groninger


Beetroot: golden, chioggia, jannis, boltardy, detroit globe, egyptian turnip rooted.

Celeriac: Ibis

Potatoes: casablanca, charlotte, setanta, carolus, sante, salad blue, highland burgundy red, sharpo mira, axona, kifl, sharpo shona.

Carrots: autumn king, nantes, solvita, rolanka.

Parsnips: aromata.

Swedes: wilhelmsburger.

Turnips: milan purple top.

Jerusalem artichoke: gerard.

Radish: black spanish round.


We save seeds for our market garden. Saving seeds improves the adaptability and provenance of the seeds to the climate and soil we grow in.


Beans: cobra, trail of tears, borlotti.

Tomatoes: gardeners ecstacy, gardeners delight, black cherry, yellow submarine.

Agretti: angus.

Flowers: calendula, sunflower.

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