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We are a 25 Organic farm in North Pembrokeshire, West Wales growing high-quality fresh vegetables. We are located in the Pembrokeshire National Park, where we farm in a truly stunning part of the world, nestled between the hills and the Irish sea, surrounded by ancient woodlands, wildflower meadows, old riverways and pilgrim paths. 

We have a long history of farming, and established our market garden in 2017. Moving our business multiple times on various acres of rented land, we are now farming in our permanent location, on land we fortunate to be able to buy.


We grow a wide array of vegetable crops throughout the year using organic and agroecological principles. Our farming practices are deeply sustainable and regenerative but go far beyond these buzzwords. We work to create a healthy, diverse and resilient ecosystem, full of life from the soil to the sky. This means no to herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, and yes to compost, cover crops and microorganisms. All our produce is certified Organic by the Soil Association.

We have planted thousands of trees in orchards, woodland and hedgerows and the farm is full of diverse, intricate habitats that are home to all kinds of birds, insects, plants and animals from springtails to sparrow hawks, marsh orchids to field mice . We carefully steward our soils to create natural fertility that is the foundation of delicious, nutrient dense food.


We grow around 200 varieties of  50 crops which we select for flavour, diversity and suitability to our land and we pick everything fresh to order, almost always on the day of delivery. This means our produce tastes amazing and comes packed with the minerals and vitality of healthy, living soil.


Our farming system is low in carbon emissions and high in carbon sequestration, we grow the majority of the fertility we need in the same fields as our crops through green manures and cover crops and we recycle crop residues by composting them and returning the nutrition to the fields.

We sell our produce to households, restaurants, pubs, cafes, farm shops and wholesalers. From the top chefs to your kitchen the produce is the same great quality. The majority of our crops don’t travel more than 10 miles in their life, from seedlings in our polytunnels to salad on your plate. We use compostable or recyclable packaging when we have to package produce but do everything we can to keep packaging to the minimum.


We are passionate about creating a socially and environmentally just food and farming system that is part of the foundations of a positive, vibrant and viable future. We want local markets and local trade, high biodiversity, affordable nutrient dense food and good livelihoods for farmers, growers and everyone else! We work for this through the Landworkers’ Alliance and internationally through La Via Campesina.

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