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What we Grow

We grow around 50 types of vegetables, and over 200 varieties which we carefully select for flavour, diversity and suitability to our land and ecology. We are always experimenting with new varieties and working out how to produce the most delicious crops we can.


We grow the seedlings that we plant in our fields in our dedicated propagation polytunnel from Organic seed that we source from a range of companies including Tamar Organics, Real Seeds, Smarties Bio, Moles seeds, Just Seed, Vital Seeds and the Seed Cooperative as well as seeds we save on farm or swap with other farmers and growers.

Mixed Salads, Lettuces and Leaves

We grow over 50 varieties of salad leaves throughout the season. We offer seasonally changing mixed salads, heads of lettuce, radicchio and endive and bags of leaves of many kinds.


Summer undercover crops (Tomatoes, Aubergines and More)

Over summer our polytunnels house over thirty varieties of heritage and heirloom tomatoes of all shapes and sizes as well as peppers, aubergines, cucumbers and climbing beans. We undersow and interplant these with herbs that thrive in the microclimate beneath the taller crops cherries, salad and beefsteak tomatoes.


Squash & Courgettes

We grow around 15 types of pumpkin and winter squash of all shapes, sizes, colours, textures and culinary applications. We also grow green, yellow and striped courgettes and pattipan summer squash which we sell as baby and maincrop.

Alliums, fennel, celery celeriac

We grow red and white spring onions, shallots, long red onions and maincrop white onions. Over autumn, winter and early spring we produce baby and main crop leeks. In spring we sell spring garlic and have dried garlic for most of the rest of the year. We also produce celery, celeriac and bulb fennel.

Leafy Greens & Brassicas

We grow a wide range of leafy and brassica greens, including spinach, swiss and rainbow chard, red and white spring cabbages, red and white main crop cabbages, savoy cabbage, january king cabbages, spring greens, cauliflowers, purple sprouting broccoli, cimi di rapa, calabrese, kaylettes, brussel sprouts and 6 - 7 varieties of kale from cavolo nero and green curly kale to varieties like tuscan rainbow and bear necessities.

Peas, Beans & Sweetcorn

​We grow fresh climbing beans, semi dry borlotti beans, broad beans and mange tout peas as well as a few varieties of sweetcorn.


Underground in the roots section we’ve got baby and maincrop heritage beetroot in red, golden and candied (chioggia), rainbow and orange carrots, both bunched and maincrop, a rainbow of radish varieties, baby turnips, swede, parsnips and a range of potatoes from delicious creamy charlottes to ​propper floury roasters like alouette.

Herbs & Flowers

​We grow a range of herbs and flowers, both edible and ornamental including:

Herbs: basil, bronze fennel, green fennel, flat leaf parsley, cherville, dill, chives, coriander, spearmint, peppermint, korean mint.


We save seeds for our market garden. Saving seeds improves the adaptability and provenance of the seeds to the climate and soil we grow in. We’re constantly expanding the range of seed we select and save on the farm but at present it includes all our beans and tomatoes, garlic, agretti, and many of the flowers and herbs.

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