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Veg Boxes

We grow and harvest all the produce ourselves, and we harvest and deliver on the same day within a 10 mile radius of our farm.


We guarantee a weekly veg box that contains an exciting range of high quality, fresh, organic, locally produced vegetables that are nutritious as possible.

How to order a box

We use a software called 'ooooby' to manage orders and subscriptions. You can find out more and order a box here.

If you are interested in getting a box of delicious vegetables and would like to join our veg box scheme, or if you want to have a chat and learn more about what we do, how it works and how to sign up contact us at:


Whether you want a regular subscription or a one-off box we have something for you. Choose from our range of veg boxes, add items from our online shop or just choose the items you want to build a bespoke box.


The produce you get in your veg boxes is the very same that send out to many of the best chefs in the area - always interesting varieties that are fresh, tasty and great quality. 


Our packaging is compostable, biodegradable or recyclable, and is always kept to the minimum necessary to get produce to your kitchen in great condition.

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