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Muddy hands make light work

Farming is increasingly experienced as an isolated and highly mechanised profession. For us as small-scale farmers in addition to embracing appropriate technology, design and innovation for our scale and kind of farming, we try to organise our project based on the power of people and collective work.  

Our market garden works based on a model whereby a concentrated amount of people working together gets a job done quickly and in company with each other.

On a regular week 3 to 4 of us farm together for a couple of days. But we often recruit extra hands when we have a lots of jobs to do!

Friends of the field

We are fortunate to be part of a network of farmers, land based workers and seasonal helpers we can ask to come work alongside us in the fields when we have a backlog of planting to do, an over-excited crop of weeds to deal with or a glut of food to harvest.  

Because we are also committed to other projects in our week including livestock farming, political organising, construction and further education it became clear that this is not only the most effective way for us to get jobs done in the market garden but also the most fun and sociable!

Mid-summer Weedings!

Every summer we organise a weeding party on the farm to celebrate the land, ecology, community and friendship.

Summer is the busiest time for us at Southern Roots Growers and each of us have many friends in many places that we don't get to spend nearly as much time with as we would like. So we came up with a simple solution - if we can't make the party then all we needed to do was bring the party to us!  

It's quite phenomenal witnessing what 20 people can do on 2.5 acres in a couple of days!

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