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Awen Organics is managed and run by a collective of farmers and friends of the fields.

We are proud and active members of the Landworkers' Alliance - a grassroots union for small scale farmers and land based workers.

To learn more about us keep on reading!

Dee Butterly

I co-founded and have been farming at at Southern Roots Growers since 2016.

When not working in the fields at Southern Roots, I work as Projects Development Coordinator for Landworkers' Alliance a grassroots union of small-scale farmers and a member of La Via Campesina. I also coordinated a People's Food Policy, a grassroots initiative developing food and farming policies based on the frameworks of food sovereignty, agroecology and the right to food in England.


Before setting up Southern Roots Organics I co-founded and co-ordinated ‘The Hermitage Vegetable Garden’, a community garden and therapeutic horticulture project in Edinburgh, Scotland for three years.


I was also a founding member of The New Leaf Coop - a workers co-operative unpackaged wholefood shop in Edinburgh. The project focused on creating ethical, sustainable and nutritious procurement and distribution supply chains, and supplying healthy, local and affordable food to local communities. 

Whilst I have lived in the Scotland, England and Wales for the past fifteen years I am from Ireland. I have a background in both agriculture and anthropology and am passionate about agroecology and the production and transference of intergenerational knowledge in rural farming communities.

Adam Payne

I co-founded and have been farming at Southern Roots Growers since 2016.

I learned the craft of organic growing from Organiclea, a workers’ cooperative market garden on the edge of London. I worked there for four years, first as a trainee grower and then coordinating harvest and distribution.

Before setting up Southern Roots Organics I farmed in Poland for a year and was involved in establishing Ekopoletko, a market garden near Krakow. 

I worked as the farm manager at Lower Hewood Farm for three years between 2016 and 2018. The farm is a certified organic live stock farm which produces high quality pork and lamb.

I am a founding member and am elected to the coordinating group of the Landworkers' Alliance and am responsible for overseeing the internal governance and financial management of the union. In 2016 and 2017 I was part of the coordinating committee of La Via Campesina in Europe and was involved in international campaigns on the right to land and seeds.

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